Open Learning guide

Welcome to the Montessori Open Learning platform, where you'll find all our short courses. 
Please see below for video and text guides to our website and courses.

Video guide

Text guide

  1. Register and enrol
  2. Site navigation and your account 
  3. Course tabs 
  4. Work and engage
  5. Certificates

1. Register and enrol

First you need to create an account for our Open Learning site. Click on the register button and fill in the online form.


Once you have an account, you can register for courses you are interested in. You can view our courses on the front page, use the search button to find specific courses, or browse through our Course Catalogue page. We've organised courses by audience (For practitioners, For parents, For everyone). To find out  more about a course, simply click on the course image:

Learn more

Once you've found one you'd like to attend, click on enrol. If it's a free course you will be automatically enrolled. If it's a paid-for course, you'll need to pay through our site to be enrolled. If the course has started, you will be able to access the course content immediately. If the course starts at a later date, you will be reminded by email nearer the time.


2. Site navigation and your account


The Montessori Centre International logo (top left) acts as a homing button so click this to go back to the main page anytime. To log-in to your account, click sign-in top right. When you log-in, you will be taken to your dashboard. Any courses you have enrolled in will display here. You can also manage your account by clicking on your name (top right); here you can change your profile details and add a picture. To access a specific course, click on view course. If the course has not yet started, you will see the start date details.


3. Course tabs

You can start the course by clicking the tab on the right. When you return in future, you can jump straight to a particular section or page using the contents below. You can also click resume to return to the last page you viewed. 
You will also see 5 tabs at the top of each page:

course dash

  1. Course is where you’ll find the content of your course, organised into sections. Each section is further organised into pages.
  2. Discussion contains all forum chats from all your course pages.
  3. Notes contains all digital notes you’ve kept during your course.
  4. Progress is where you’ll find your certificate at the end of your course.
  5. Social Media has links to our Facebook and Twitter pages.

4. Work and engage

Here are three handy tools to help you work more efficiently:
  1. Resume Course - To access the last page you were on the previous time you logged in, click on the Course tab, then on the section which is marked as Resume Course.
  2. Bookmark this page - When you’re working on a particular page and you’d like to access it easily at a later point, you can bookmark it by clicking on Bookmark this page. To access your bookmarks, click on Course, then on Bookmarks at the top right.
  3. Notes - To keep digital notes, highlight some text and click on the pencil icon that appears. This feature is available only on desktop, laptop, and iPhone for now, but our provider will make it fully mobile in the near future. Type your comments in the box, add a tag if you’d like, and click Save. You can access all your notes at any time by clicking on the Notes tab.


To engage with other learners, look for the Discussion image. Click on Show Discussion under it, then on Add a Post.

To view all discussions within a course, click on the Discussion tab at the top of each page. It contains a list of discussions, clearly marked to show which course page they come from.  You can also search through or filter posts. To engage with existing posts, you can add a comment or reply, vote for it via the + sign, follow the post by clicking on the star sign, or report it on the unlikely occasion that it’s inappropriate.

To let us know your views, email us at

5. Certificates

At the end of your course, there’s a section called Final Exam. This will be a final task such as a reflection or a quiz.
Once you’ve completed your course and the final task, click on the Progress tab, then on Request Certificate. Wait a couple of minutes until it’s generated, and then click on View Certificate.

You can then print and save it, or click on the LinkedIn button to have it published on your profile.

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