CPD & Short Courses

Professional Development Packages and Short Courses

We’re really excited to be offering webinars on a range of topics starting in Early 2019. We plan to bring 1 hour webinars and also a package on lunchtime mini webinars, all of which will be accessible from your phone or tablet. If you want to be the first to hear about them, email us at admissions@montessori.org.uk and we’ll add you to our mailing list.   

Professional Development Packages
Launching in Early 2019, we will be developing a range of Professional Development packages for individual practitioners and settings. These will be launched on our brand new mobile friendly platform, meaning you can study anywhere, at any time. If you want to be the first to hear about them, sign up at openlearning.montessori.org.uk.

Introducing the Montessori Approach to Childminders (IMAC)

Are you a registered Childminder?
Want to support the children in your care with Montessori techniques?
Looking for a totally flexible online course which you can start whenever you want?

This 7 month course covers a range of topics that will help you implement a Montessori approach in your childminding. Email us at admissions@montessori.org.uk for more information on our IMAC course which you can start any time of the year!

We know that as a childminder you want to offer the very best level of care for your children, and create an environment which parents know is going to be inspirational and nurturing. After many requests from childminders, we created this course specifically for people like you. 
You will be introduced to a range of Montessori strategies, activities and ideas which you’ll be able to incorporate into your practice. During this course you’ll be studying online at your own pace but you won’t be alone; you will have support from a dedicated MCI mentor who is also an experienced childminder, and be part of our vibrant online student community through the innovative Virtual Learning Environment.
The course will guide you through the Montessori philosophy and how it can be applied to the work you do in your setting. It will encourage you to introduce new activities and consider how you engage with the children in your care, and how you prepare the spaces you use.
We offer flexible starting points monthly throughout the year, and the course must be completed within 7 months. 
See our website for further details of Short Courses

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