Integrating Montessori Practice (IMP)

Are you an Early Years Practitioner or teacher?

Looking to add Montessori knowledge to your existing practices?

Keen to broaden your skills and develop you expertise?

IMP is an innovative blended learning course for students who are already early years practitioners, or qualified teachers, and want to add Montessori to their qualifications.

You can study flexibly at your own pace with support from a dedicated MCI tutor, and attend workshops at venues which are conveniently located across the UK and overseas.

As well as learning through our innovative Virtual Learning Environment, where you can communicate, reflect and collaborate, you will also attend an 88 hour apparatus workshop wgucg will give you essential hands-on experience with Montessori materials. We’ve got a range of MCI approved venues and the workshops happen throughout the year.

We developed the course after so many requests from employers within the Montessori community who wanted their staff to broaden their existing experiences, but in a way that could be convenient to everyone. For example, you don’t even have to wait to start studying; the course has flexible starting points and there’s one every month throughout the year.

Last modified: Tuesday, 23 May 2017, 9:57 PM