Foundation Degree

Foundation Degree in Montessori Early Childhood Practice (FDA)

Already hold an MCI Diploma?

Want to take your studies to the next level and extend your knowledge even further?

Ready to work towards a higher Montessori qualification?

The foundation degree has direct entry to Level 5 for MCI Diploma graduates, with accreditation for prior learning. This year we are offering the course with blended learning options for the very first time. There are five different pathways available to students and with this comprehensive range of ways you can study with us, we think we’ve created the ultimate student-friendly degree!

Depending on how students need to fit in studying around other commitments, they can choose from:

Pathway 1 - Full time: Attending MCI on Mondays and Tuesdays and take one module online, studying for one year.

Pathway 2 - Full time: Attending MCI on Tuesdays and take two modules online, studying for one year.

Pathway 3 - Full time: Attending induction and engagement weeks only, and taking four modules online, studying for 1 year.

Pathway 4 - Part time: Attending on Tuesdays only, and one module online, studying for 2 years.

Pathway 5 - Part time: Attending induction week and engagement week, taking two modules online, studying for 2 years.

Every pathway includes opportunities to study with us here at MCI. We are always working to ensure that our students have the best experience possible whilst they’re studying with us, and feel that offering this course solely online just wouldn’t allow us the quality contact needed when studying at this level. Our tutors are some of the very best in the world of Montessori and are dedicated to giving our students the very best level of support possible; the best way we can do that is to have times when we’re face to face, not screen to screen!  

Student finance is available for eligible students.

Last modified: Tuesday, 23 May 2017, 10:19 PM