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      Knowledge and Understanding of the World

      This unit explores the Montessori approach to developing the child’s knowledge and understanding of the world. This includes consideration of the principle of Cosmic Education and how this is embedded in the daily life of children in a Montessori educational setting and what it means in the context of the lives of children, the Montessori setting and the wider community. The unit introduces a range of practical activities and experiences in this area and explores how these activities can be presented inside and outside the classroom.
      This unit aims to provide the learner with the principles of the Montessori approach to engaging children in developing their knowledge and understanding of the world. Cosmic Education is a key concept in the Montessori approach, which is fundamental to a child’s understanding of both their immediate and wider environment. This principle indicates that a child’s understanding of the world should integrate first hand sensory experiences of the world and its richness to encourage enthusiasm, respect and responsibility for their immediate and wider environment. 
      Across many areas, developing knowledge and understanding of the world is approached form the starting point of direct, lived, first-hand experiences of the child. This is the starting point and foundation for nurturing the child’s attitudes towards being a ‘citizen of the world’. This unit should also enable learners to make links between Montessori knowledge and understanding of the world activities, and the Early Years Foundation Stage.